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The Long Hill Chamber of Commerce
About the Chamber of Commerce

Passaic River Flow & Reservoirs
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Whether you're a tourist looking for information, a business owner considering our area for an expansion project, a Chamber member seeking meeting information, or someone who's just curious about our area, we're glad you stopped in.

Long Hill Township, formerly Passaic Township, was established in 1866.  The township consists of five communities; Gillette, Millington, Stirling, Homestead Park, and Meyersville.

The Long Hill Chamber of Commerce is an organization of Long Hill Business people who sponsor events to make the town a better place to live.  Our purpose is to provide leadership and unity for the stability, growth and prosperity of the overall economy and environment for the Long Hill area.

We generally meet on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 8:00 AM at the Long Hill Senior Center,   Driving Instructions .  Check the "EVENTS" box on this page for announcement of the next meeting.

Business owners have a common goal, to see their business grow and prosper.  At the Long Hill Chamber of Commerce, we are committed to helping fulfill this goal for the Long Hill business community.  While the goal of the Chamber is to create economic development, community development, and provide benefits for our membership, our work includes many other, varied components that support our ability to achieve these goals.  Our many activities and initiatives all serve one purpose: making the Long Hill area a better place for the people who live and work here.

    P.O. Box 111, Stirling, NJ, 07980
    908-647-2900 (Leave a message)
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